Hi, I am Alice,

(and I promise there is also a real version of me which hopes to meet you perhaps for an exciting working cooperation.)

I am a graphic designer, proud to be born in beautiful Prague and grateful to be currently studying at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.-----> I believe the core of a creative conceptual work is bringing new meanings, innovative ideas and simplifying in order to spread understanding, where the word "siplifying" doesn't necessarily mean a complete visual minimalism.
There are indeed few things I love

This is me This is me This is me This is me

about this work, but mostly that it keeps me constantly on a discovery mode, bringing me new interesting technics, subjects, discussions about current issues and inspiring people (and I am determined to keep it that way).<----

So far I have worked on some conceptual projects, where precise research is the core of the eye opening outcome as well as on some projects where I simply enjoyed the aesthetical quality and values of different designing technics. I am happy to show you a selection of those on this website and I am always open for some feedback. So feel free to click on one of the links below and

----> let's talk and create!)))


Budget dreams (winner of the price)

Dutch Ministry of Finance, The Hague (January 2016)

Gallery Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague (March 2016)

Becoming Fog

ICX The International Center for Civic Hacks, The Hague (June 2016)

(Selected to stay exhibited longer)

Everything you always wanted to know about Typography, but were afraid to ask

KABK gallery, The Hague (May 2016)

Curiosity: Input, Outcome and vice versa

Kabk gallery, The Hague (January 2015)

Tangible Letters

Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, NL (March 2014)


Studio Najbrt

Graphic Design internship, Prague, August 2015

CCEA MOBA, Centre for Central European Architecture

Work experience, Prague, August 2014

Todays Art Festival of Visual and Performing arts

Volunteer experience, NL, September 2012, 2014, 2015

Freelancing and exhibition currating.


Royal Academy of Art in The Hague

Bachelor Graphic Design, graduating in 2017

Saint Martin's University

Graphic Design, summer study 2011, London

Saint Martin's University

Theatre and Performance course, July 2010, London

Huge thanx to my talented friend Vera van de Seyp for providing me with this website code and letting me do whatever I wanted to it.

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