Labyrinthum et Equilibrum

In a collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the third year Graphic Design students of KABK were given special access to the financial data for proposed governmental spendings and income for 2016. Their task was to carry out extensive research and re-contextualise the information, statistics and figures from the Miljoenennota (Budget Memorandum) to imagine the year 2035.

I realized that every year it announces some changes (like budget cuts) from which somebody will be habitually profiting and somebody loosing (no matter how prospering the country's economy is). The struggle and inbalance isn't caused by some individuals possible to blame, but I am rather referring to the actual system we are all part of; the world that stands upon the abstract value of money. It is therefore a metaphore, a game of balancing and trying to find the golden mean between all of us, participants of the system.

Moreover the state budget is at risk of financial slumps when facing some unexpected events like the latest refugee crisis or a terrorist attack (holes along the way you wish to avoid).

My parallel goal was to show that the problems we are presumed to face in the near future aren't anymore local, but globally concerning and that the only way we can prevent most of the disaster threats is a global economic and ecological cooperation (my favourite hopeful utopian middle of the labyrinth maze, the equilibrum, where everybody would have the same interest to heal our planet, thus where the world would be in peace).

* Within this project I made a research book on all the sectors of the state budget, substantiating the content and design of my final typographical game design.
* An infographic fabric poster.
* An interactive labyrinth maze made in the wood workshop.

Project exhibited at the Ministry of Finance in February 2016.
Currently exhibited at the Haagse Kunstkring (March 2016)

Between October 2015 and January 2016

Project initiated by Niels Schrader and Lauren Alexander Kees in collaboration with The Ministry of Finance in The Hague.

Photos by Laura de Rijk

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