The Internet God

We are now living in what feels to be a breakthrough of the old values. The very significant part of our everyday life takes technology and so our computers and smartphones. What makes people connected is mainly the Internet. That is also where they seek for answers to their questions and what seems to be an endless source of information and wisdom.

It doesn't matter if people trust it or not, in a certain way they believe in it and come back and connect to it again and again as some kind of a ritual. Alice Fialová assimilates this observed social behavior as a religious ritual of connecting to the God of Internet. Her project creates data collecting network nets tracking locally the frequency of people connected to the wifi and so this way she is able to conclude what places around us are the most "Internet religious".

Visit the website created for the exhibition here.

* Interactive instellation for an exhibition at ICX in The Hague
* Website research

Means of production:
Made with Processing and wifi.

Initiated by a project called Becoming Fog

June 2015

Thanx to Henrik van Leeuwen for helping with the code.

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