Lost in translation

I started this typographical project with the idea that history is just an illusion as it is rewritten and filtered through people's minds. Similarly works the gossips; with every person's interpretation of a situation that happened in the past, the reality slightly changes and becomes a different story in the end (similar to when playing the game Chinese Whispering).

For the visual outcome, I got inspired with flipping pages of a book on the spine. My sketch in processing is generating a list of all existing english homophones, which are the words that share the same pronounciation, but have a different meaning.
This way I tried to achieve the blending and the detachment of the two very similar words, depicting how things can get lost in translation.

Next to it, I made a flip book to see more clearly each step of the transformation of two words creating new one.


120 gsm2 light-blue paper, 2mm recycled cardboard, black linen.

20 cm x 27 cm

Hardcover sewn bound, linen spine, embossed cover.

December 2013

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