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Nowadays, the digital world infiltrates the analogue world on daily basis and the printed medium is getting less popular, therefore it is an interesting topic for a graphic designer to try to connect the online and offline medium and make them communicate.
I have decided to explore the topic of laughter as it is an important part of human's existence (for the health and as a tool of communication), yet quite poorly inspected and not very often seriously approached.

I asked people on social media to share with me things that made them laugh and collected mostly videos. The publication was connected to the website I created through black rectangles representing the videos, however I shaded them as I didn't want to distract the reader from the valuable informing articles by adding some illustrations.
The design of the layout in the publication was inspired by the often used laughing voice background in sitcoms which indicates where the actors said something possibly funny and so I collected lot of jokes that run through the whole publication on the bottom in irregular shapes.

The design of the website is intentionally kept simple and identical to the publication, adding an extra value to the analogue mean.
My wish for a future project is to add a recording system and create an internet database of laughters.

* Publication
* Website

May 2014, The Hague

Project initiated and guided by my impactful teacher Susana Carvalho
and Lizzie Malcolm

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