Invention; Grocery shopping system fighting the World Obesity issue

In a project focused on global disasters, within a team consisting of a Product, Interactive and Graphic Designer, we came up with an innovative Hi-Tech shopping trolley trying to prevent bad food choices.

"What you don't buy, you don't eat."
We therefore focused on the shopping activity.
Our SSC against Obesity Trolley posseses a scanner of the barcodes on supermarket items, generates and displays a list of your grocery, helping you keeping track of your selected items, prices and possibly calories. At the end of shopping, the list gets shared on social media as we discovered that sharing an individual's activity (and progress) can improve his motivation to make healthier choices (similarly as with sharing your running and sport activities, which is now considered absolutely normal).

SSC against Obesity therefore stands for "Scanning, Sharing and Caring".

My extra task within this project that we really programmed to work as a prototype of this idea that could be applied to supermarket trolleys, was to make its visual identity and promotion.

Click here to see the process and more ellaborate explenation of the new technology and its potential of use.

* Programmed RFID Scanning shopping trolley
* Interactive Installation exhibited at KABK in June 2015
* Public presentation of the product
* Logo
* Website
* Posters DIN A2

Collaboration with Florian Herzog and Shubham Singhai

February 2015 - June 2013, The Hague

Project initiated by Gert Dumbar

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