Sculpture The Essence of Us

About my inspiration: Yin Yang, coming from an ancient Chinese philosophy Taoism, is an idea of two halves completing each other and together creating wholeness in life. It’s about the harmonized flow of energy between the two withing a symbol of circle underlining the wholeness, unity and totality of one’s self.

Symbolically, each of us has his own circle of Yin and Yang, where we try to balance the dark and the light, the easy and the difficult, the tiring and the reviving, the active and the passive...Everyday we face different attributes of things that influence one or the other and in the age of freedom to chose what we want to become as individuals, we are being constantly challenged to not fail to equalize the positive and the negative in us.

For every relationship we have with another person we care dearly about, there is another circle of balancing. If one cares more than the other and one force is stronger than the other, the symmetry is disrupted and the energies stop flowing.
Here the essence was broken.

Sculpture from clay
Exposed at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

1m diameter

April 2015