Risks of Dutch Budget

This additional research book to a project Budget Dreams from a collaboration with the Ministry of Finance is full of edited articles written by experts from various fields that try to come up with predictions to the future. They picture possible scenarios that await our humanity based on its current actions and behaviour. Within the concept of making a metaphoric project about the struggle of distributing money fairly between people of a state, I have to admit that most of these futuristic topics were negative. The reason for it is that I was looking for cases which would represent threats to the financial plan of the Dutch government (showing how difficult it is to plan ahead as events like the current refugee crisis come into the way and shake up the financial situation unexpectedly). However another relevant reason for the occurred negativity is that our current capitalistic way of living is indeed pointing us into quite disturbing scenarios.

My hopeful utopian equilibrum (the center of the labyrinth maze) of all of these menaces of humanity lies in trying to push through an idea of a Global Economic Democracy, an Eco Socialist civilization where everybody would realize that the only thing we should fight for is the nature that we all share. Instead of actually creating additional conflicts that are minor in their validation, but major in their environmental destructivness.

I have designed the layout of the publication in a manner that it follows the numbered holes in the real wooden crafted labyrinth maze. This way a reader can right away direct himself to a subject that he is interested in when questioning why it is a threat to the economy.

Project currently exhibited at the Haagse Kunstkring (March 2016)

January 2016

Laser cut
Book binding

Project initiated by Niels Schrader and Lauren Alexander Kees in collaboration with The Ministry of Finance in The Hague.

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