For a given task to make a sabotage, I had to pose myself a question;
Where is the limit of exposing our own privacy?

With a help from my online community, I collected hundreds of nude selfie images that people liberately share on their Instagram or Facebook.
I have absolutely nothing against nudity, however one thing is to keep such pictures in your own device and another thing is to actually let it fly uncensored through the Internet (having a major effect on the next generation's perception of body values).
I have to admit though that three years later, this phenomena is nothing surprising anymore (especially since the Hollywood adopted it); people sharing their half naked body progress from the gym became absolutely casual. But perhaps that's exactly what I wished to prevent with designing this dress full of nude selfies with a simple message;
"Would you also dress up with yourself undressed in public?" (trying to bring back the self-realization that what we do on the Internet does matter for the real life).

P.S. I do still wear it sometimes as my ongoing personal little intervention.;)

* Dress design as an ongoing Interactive Intervention in space
* Poster DIN A1
* Selfie Flash Light typeface ©

Sublimation printer, sewing machine.

April 2013, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague