National Flags of the New Generation

Every country has its own language, culture, history, traditions etc. which are distinguishing it from others. You might get a hint of all of this, if you would listen to the various National Anthems thoroughly. Some have a very proud and strong-willed vibe, some are more poetic and emotional.

In a team of 3 graphic designers, it therefore seemed to us pretty logical to try bringing these values into the National Flags (which are being exposed as a symbol of countries even more often than the anthems are being played).

The concept was quite clear, it only needed some time before we perfected the code that transforms the current existing designs of flags and interactively recreates it based on the sound of the anthems.

We printed few on fabric in a large pole flag size and hanged them around as an installation while screening the flags in motion with sound, so it wouldn't need any additional explenation.

Project in collaboration with Sean Valies and Bohye Woo

Coded in Processing
* Interactive video installation
* Sublimation print on fabric

Printed flags size: 5 x 8

Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag

January 2015

Many thanx to Jochem Van der Spek without whom it wouldn't be possible.

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