Do we manipulate or are we being manipulated by the designing tools?

Our technological opportunities are what seems to be so developed that we don’t feel the need to reinvent, but just use what is there. Specially created computer softwares made for designing are like having a green card to a shop where you only pay once and then come back for endless unlimited use of everything that is there.

It still doesn’t mean that everybody can become a designer once he learns how to use programs like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Ilustrator (even though he might think he can), it definitely needs more than that. Yet we can all agree on the fact that when using designing softwares, we approach tools that are already somehow preplanning the way we create. Either the idea starts in our mind and we try to manipulate the programs to achieve the image coming from our own imagination, or what might be happening; We start the idea with the help of the programs by using the tools they offer to us.

My project was tracking exactly this. Can I proclaim that the designing software tools actually define the trends in Graphic Design? If so, how can I classify the current trends? And how would the trends that might be defined by the designing softwares look like if I remade them by hand and tangible tools?

The result of the posters consisted of a handmade layer with use of real tools like spray paint, water paint, ruller etc. The second layer was a concise typographical layout that was applied with silk sreen print to all of the trends as a system to classify them.

* 10 Posters
* Performance
* Reserach website

silk screen print, spray paint and other handmade craft technics

10 x DIN A1

between February and May 2015

Exhibited in May 2015, KABK gallery, The Hague

Project initiated by Adriaan Mellegers (& Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen)

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