Visual Study of Patterns

I am a person that loves Nature and its brightening creations full of wisdom, somewhere bringing perfect mathematical systems (like fractals in a caulliflower), somewhere bringing imperfect stunning derivations (like breaking the light through water segments).
I had a very limited time for making this publication, but it ended up being such a pleasure as in the process I found out I have a broad collection of pictures that I take day by day from noticing things around.

I set myself free to make this book very visually triggering instead of spreading a message through typography. I was comparing pictures of patterns Nature creates in different scales, repeating its systems very smartly (for example the shape of a storm lightening is exactly the same as the rivers on Earth seen from the satellite, as the blood veins in our body system, as the branches grow on a tree...)

Photo book, 95 pages


25 x 13 cm

December 2015


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