Palm Oil x 224

When we look at the way different companies treat us to be able to make us buy their products, we realize barely any of them is honest about the way they brought it to the supermarket shelve. The important thing is what you see in front of you in the end, a shiny colorful packaging of a product with almost unreadable ingredients list, consisting of a set of "expert headings" which to a regular customer (in a hurry) look rather like a code than a clear explenation.

Holding in hands and slipping through these 400 pages that represent a lexicon of substitute names for Palm Oil different companies use to cover the truth about their production in order to sell us their products, was meant as an awakening of how drive for profit puts human race into opposing parties (dealers X customers). Imagine producers of chocolates, ice creams, cosmetics, shampoos, detergents etc. can actually LEGALLY confuse us! Isn't it time we buyers, customers and humans, able of intelligence and empathy, decide what we need before the producers and the capitalistic industry decides for us all?

The current world needs a lot of radical changes, yes. And it seems that a lot of different critical issues need to be addressed in a shocking and striking way in order to get attention from the public. But maybe this is what I, as a graphic designer, am questioning here, because I have a feeling that the whole society seems to be overwhelmed with agressivity of commercial visual triggers and stressed by the rushed speed of productivity all around. I thus have a feeling people need to be calmed down rather than get screamed in the face...
With that in mind, I chose to display the issue around Palm Oil (deforastation, burning rain forests, people dying from haze crisis and exctinction of Orangutans and Sumatran tigers caused by plantations encouraged by capitalistic corporations) in a completely different way than what one would think of at first (like making posters or shocking videos of the reality).

I made the design in a minimalistic clean way without any overpowering visuals, however striking in its volume, taking in account that it is all just names of one thing hiding the truth on the market.

Publication as an intervention, 410 pages
* Concept
* Research
* Design


20 x 14 cm

December 2015

Project initiated and supervised by Thomas Buxo

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